Art Of Courage


Art of Courage 2014

Longueville Gallery once again hosted the popular Art of Courage fund raiser for the Child Cancer Foundation.

Artists from all over New Zealand united to raise much needed funds for the courageous children with cancer and their families.

Original works are donated to this event, these were offered for sale through a fixed price voucher system. The vouchers purchased must be gifted to a child between the ages of 4-14yrs. The children are then able to select their choice of the art work on offer. This is a child only event, no adults are allowed in during the selection process.

” The idea of children choosing their preferred piece using instinct only and with no concept of the investment value of certain artists, appealed to me ” says Sharon Ovenden, organiser and co-owner of the gallery.

ALL proceeds of sale are donated to the Child Cancer Foundation

Access to the gallery on the day is restricted to children only and the child’s decision is final – imagine such power in small hands!

Sharon says she originally chose the Child Cancer Foundation as the recipient charity for this event because the idea of children helping children held a very real value and appeal to her. After working closely with the Child Cancer Foundation for the past few years she as seen first hand the vital role they play in supporting and assisting children with cancer and their families.

“The sheer courage and spirit that these kids show in what is most often a prolonged period of upheaval and suffering and in some cases isolation from family and friends, deserves to be recognised”, she says.. ‘It has also been exciting to witness the keen interest and art appreciation awareness this event has fostered in the children participating.”

The Child Cancer Foundation aims to reduce the impact of cancer by offering support services 365 days of the year, ensuring children and their families are supported, informed and well cared for at every stage of their journey.


For details of the Art of Courage 2015,  please contact  Sharon Ovenden at Longueville Gallery, Tel: 329 6766 or

The date for the next Art of Courage has not yet been announced.